Claiming Procedures

The standard reporting procedures for motor accidents, within 24 hours, are as follows;
At the accident scene immediately after the accident:

1. Obtain these information

  • Exchange particulars of involved parties including Name,
    NRIC/FIN number, Phone number, Address & Insurance Company
  • Take note of the vehicle numbers
  • Take digital photographs of all involved 3rd party vehicles & the accident

02. File report at a Police Station if accident involving:

  •  Injury
  • Government vehicles or damaging public properties
  • Non Singapore registered vehicles
  • Place outside Singapore

03. File a Report at Insurer’s Reporting Centre

  • Drive your accident vehicle (whether damaged or not) to the Insurer’s authorised workshops/reporting centres within 24 hours or by the next working day,
  • All the Reporting Centres are as stated on reversed page of Certification of insurance.

Documents to bring when reporting :

  1. IC of Car Owner
  2. IC of Driver (if Driver is not a car owner)
  3. Driving Licence of driver
  4. Insurance Certificate of car
  5. Insurance policy schedule
  6. If ownership of car is in the name of a Company, pls bring Company certificate of incorporation